1/72 Japan army modern MCV


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Product code: AOS-010174
Name: 1/72 Japan army modern MCV

The maneuver combat vehicle, which will equip combat units, will be useful for attacks on armored fighting vehicles and personnel, using its large caliber gun, after rapid deployment in response to various contingencies.[3]

For FY2016, the MOD has requested funding for 36 examples of the MCV, to enter service with elements of the 8th Divisionat Kumamoto, and the 14th Brigade at Zentsūji. Both formations are currently planned for conversion to rapid reaction forces[4] (though these plans, as with the original plans for the MCV [see History], are presently (mid-2015) under review and subject to possible major revision). The intention is for the MCV to act as both as a rapid reaction asset against conventional incursions on the outer islands and as a counter-insurgency vehicle against asymmetrical attacks in urban areas of Japan by enemy special forces, intelligence operatives, or their proxies.

Country: JAPAN
Scale: 1/72