1/35 Patriot PAC-2 Launcher station and MPQ-53 radar


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Product code: TRUM-01022
Name: 1/35 Patriot PAC-2 Launcher station and MPQ-53 radar

The PAC-2 was first tested in 1987. It reached the US Army units in 1990. Later, during the Persian Gulf War, it was deployed to the middle east. During the Gulf War the Patriot was first used in combat and was regarded as a successful anti-ballistic missile system. Several batteries of the Patriot were deployed in Saudi Arabia and Israel. These were used to protect cities and strategic targets against Iraqi ballistic missiles. Iraq launched a total of 83 ballistic missiles. Patriot missiles destroyed 45 of these ballistic missiles. A total of 150 Patriot missiles were launched against them. The Patriot PAC-2 is in service with the US armed forces. It has been exported to Israel, Japan, Netherlands and South Korea.

Country: CHINA
Scale: 1/35