1/72 USMC LVTH-6 Vietnam war (full resin kit)

Brand: CROCO

Product Code: CRO-72011

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Product code: CRO-72011
Name: 1/72 USMC LVTH-6 Vietnam war (full resin kit)
Description: LVTH6 was the armored amphibian version of the LVTP5. The hulls were identical, but the H6 had a turret armed with a 105mm howitzer installed over the cargo compartment. The vehicle commander and loader had their own hatches in the turret. For water operations, the weight of the LVTH6 was reduced to 84,200lbs (38,200kg), and the howitzer ammunition was reduced to 100 rounds. Ground clearance under the center of the vehicle was 17" (43cm).
Brand: CROCO
Country: LATVIA
Scale: 1/72

FA: 21-05-09 (1)