1/72 Aero Commander 520 Vietnam war (full resin kit)

Brand: CROCO

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Product code: CRO-A72004
Name: 1/72 Aero Commander 520 Vietnam war (full resin kit)
Description: In 1955, the US Air Force selected the Aero Commander as the personal transport for President Eisenhower due to its "exceptional performance characteristics." The Aero Commander was the first light twin engine aircraft considered safe enough for use by the President. The US Air Force ordered fifteen Twin Commanders, two of which were placed in the service of the White House. In South Vietnamese Air force, it was serviced for VIPs Transport missons under name "Trieu Minh". In USAF, this tiny military aircraft well known as L-26 or U-9 type.
Brand: CROCO
Country: LATVIA
Scale: 1/72

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