Product Code: AK-PANELIERS

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~Product code: AK-PANELINERS
- Name: PANELINERS 35ml
- Description: Ak Paneliners are enamel based formulated to help you highlighting the panels and rivets of your aircraft models. Let the product work by capilarity, and remove the excess of paint with a brush and a bit of White spirit or Odourless Turpentine.

AK2071 Paneliner for brown and green camouflage 35ml
AK2072 Paneliner for grey and blue camouflage 35ml
AK2073 Paneliner for sand and desert camouflage 35ml
AK2074 Paneliner for white and winter camouflage 35ml
AK2075 Paneliner for black camouflage 35ml


- Country: SPAIN
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